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 What does it take for a Christian man or woman to be sexually holy in today's erotically charged culture? In Paying for Sex, David Holland courageously answers this question. Having been miraculously set free from an eighteen year addiction to pornography and masturbation, as well as unhealthy relational attachments, David issues a transparently clear message: sex is not just a purely physical act; it is an act which radically affects the soul and the spirit of a person too. If we are to be completely free from ungodly lifestyle choices, we need to accept the spiritual implications of sexual sin and seek the freedom that Christ alone brings. Then we must build a life of healthy intimacy with God rather than unhealthy attachments to sexual partners or behaviours. If we choose not to do this, then we will find ourselves continually paying for sex. If we do choose to do this, we will enjoy the glorious freedom of the children of God. So why not pick up this book and take up this challenge? You will find David's vulnerability and honesty encouraging and his commitment to Scripture inspiring. 

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About Me

DAVID HOLLAND is the Director of Explicit Freedom, a ministry set up to help those struggling with sexual addiction find lasting breakthrough. He is also a freelance writer, broadcaster and blogger, and serves on the core leadership team of his local church in the centre of London. Dave’s heart is to create fully devoted disciples of Jesus, through his no nonsense message about sex, freedom and intimacy with God.
















Douglas Weiss

Douglas Weiss

David Holland’s book “Paying for Sex” reveals sex to be a truly a spiritual experience. It is a powerful read for those wanting purity in their sexuality. The book takes you into the bedroom with God and invites him to express his pure desires to you whether you are single or married.

 DOUGLAS WEISS, Ph.D., Author of “Clean: A proven plan for men committed to sexual integrity” and Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center

Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson

David Holland has written about a topic that took much courage and faith to produce; men’s struggle with their sexual urges. I doubt if there’s any man on planet earth who hasn’t had some of his same struggles, IF they’re honest. However our God always leads us into triumph, if we will listen to Him. David has made this an easily readable book which will eliminate much guilt from the men who read it, and help them to find their own personal victory in these and other areas.

Rod Anderson, Founder of “The Prayer Foundation” and Senior Leader of Commonwealth Church, Host of “Above it all”, God TV

Doug Williams

Doug Williams

David Holland has written a no nonsense, no holds barred account of his personal deliverance from sexual addiction. This content is not for the faint-hearted, and some may well be offended or disturbed by its message. Jesus got the same reaction to his preaching so David is in good company! A sex-drenched culture that has lost its moral compass needs a wake-up call, and this book could be it!  Buy it, read it, share it!

Pastor Doug Williams, Senior leader of Emmanuel Christian Centre, London 

Melvyn Naidoo

Melvyn Naidoo

Dave has dared to bare-all with incredible honesty about his life and struggles in this fantastic book. ‘Paying for Sex’ is a must read for anyone tired of living an exhausting life of lies! Melvyn Naidoo, Senior Pastor at London City Life Church

Melvyn Naidoo, Pastor of London City Life Church

Gerald Coates

Gerald Coates

“Paying for Sex is a much needed book that will help to set people free. Dave’s radical freedom from sexual addiction points to the power of Jesus! His book will help those who read it to love God and help others, producing mature, honest believers and disciples!”

Gerald Coates, Founder of the Pioneer movement of churches, and author of “Sexual Healing”

Kunlé Oyedeji

Kunlé Oyedeji

David Holland’s ‘Paying for sex’ strips away the common conceptions associated with sex and the spiritual before piecing them back together in a challenging and thought provoking way. This book will change your thinking, challenge your thought process and guide you in living a life of purity.

Kunlé Oyedeji, author of “Relationship Matters” and Senior Leader, “The Cornerstone Ministry”

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Explicit Freedom is the radical new ministry set up by David Holland to help those struggling with sexual addiction find lasting breakthrough. Dave carries a hard hitting and life changing message of freedom, and is living proof that who the son sets free really can be free! Explicit Freedom connects David, his message, and his supporting team to youth ministries, men’s ministries, conferences and churches. This happens through preaching and teaching, a varied discipleship strategy, and one to one ministry. On alternate Fridays throughout the year, Explicit Freedom offers one to one prayer and ministry with members of our team. These sessions can be booked in advance, but do book up quickly. Please contact our operations manager Bjorn to discuss this in more detail: Our ultimate goal is to run a residential home that offers short term intensive ministry to men and women caught in sexual addiction. This idea was inspired by the ministry of missionary Jackie Pullinger who David Holland served while on a visit to Hong Kong. We hope to work towards achieving this throughout the course of the year ahead.

Porn Sunday

What do you talk about in church on Sunday? Why not open up a biblical exploration of the effects of porn and premarital and extramarital sex? Dave and his team can bring a challenging presentation incorporating statistics, biblical truth and life changing one to one ministry. This is a non-gender specific event that can be tailored to suit the needs of each specific church.


Like it or not, hardcore pornography is being passed around the playgrounds of every high school in the country on the smartphones of 11 year old kids. The youth of our generation face a pervasive uphill battle that statistically will end with a majority entangled in habitual porn use and some form of sexual addiction. No demographic in history is more in need of hearing the message carried by Dave than these young people. Dave is looking forward to talking to the youth in your church about his own life changing story.

This programme can also be adjusted for use in university Christian unions. Please contact our operations manager Bjorn to discuss this in more detail:



You have to love a good mens breaky! And we believe that a hearty breakfast is the perfect launch pad for frank discussion about the subject of sex and porn. Statistics confirm that pornography has infiltrated the church. Its roots are deeply embedded in Christendom millions of Christian men find themselves in a place of bondage and conflict in their sex lives, many of them will be sitting next to you in church or looking back at you as you shaved in front of the mirror this morning! Enjoy bacon, sausage and eggs, and pepper it with discussion about porn.

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